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About this object

  • Maker:

    Mills, Ernestine

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  • Location:

    On Display: Museum of London: People's City: Suffragettes

  • Enamelled silver pendant with semi-precious stones made by Ernestine Mills to commemorate the release from Holloway prison of Louise Mary Eates, Secretary of Kensington Women's Social and Political Union. The pendant in silver enamel represents the winged figure of Hope singing outside the prison bars and is attached to a chain with stones of purple, white and green. Louise Eates was imprisoned in Holloway for one month having been arrested in Parliament Square in March 1909 while taking part in a deputation with Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence . On her release in May 1909 Kensington WSPU gave their secretary a 'royal welcome'. After greeting her at the gates of Holloway they arranged a meeting of welcome in Kensington Town Hall. Here she was presented with the pendant made especially for the occasion by Ernestine Mills.  < ...Read more

  • Measurements

    H 175 mm; L 40 mm (approx)

  • Materials

    silver; enamel

  • Rights Credit

    © V.I. Cockroft

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    permanent collection


    Cockroft, V. Irene

  • Related Event

    Suffragette Campaign 1903-1918

  • Related Person

    Eates, Louise Mary (commemorative)

  • Related place

    Islington (used)


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