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About this object

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    Suffrage Atelier

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    In Store

  • Pro-female suffrage propaganda postcard. The postcard printed in black, white and blue depicts a triumphant Joan of Arc in armour holding aloft a sword and a shield marked 'Women's Suffrage'. Behind a large sun with rays represents 'The Vote'. Below on the ground is the defeated 'Prejudice', in the background, the Houses of Parliament. The postcard is captioned with a quote from the Shakespeare play Coriolanus 'Then put your shields before your hearts, and fight with hearts more proof than shields.' The postcard is signed Poyntz Wright. This is probably a pseudonym for an artist who regularly designed propaganda postcards for the Suffrage Atelier.  < ...Read more

  • Measurements

    H 140 mm; W 88 mm

  • Materials

    card; ink; watercolour

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