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  • Maker:

    Atherton, Paul (producer)

  • ID:


  • Production date:

    2005 - 2015 (content); 2016 (production)

  • Location:

    In Store

  • Our London Lives follows filmmaker Paul Atherton's son Charles as he visits London to see his father over 16 years. The film is split into 7 sections each focusing on an aspect of Paul and Charles' time together and their activities in London. Each section of the film starts when Charles is 6 years old (2005) and ends 10 years later when he is 16 (2015). The film provides a sense of the hustle and bustle of London, family outings in the captial and a sense of growing up as we see Charles age and grow across the period of filming. The film is a form of video diary that is very common today.

  • Measurements

    1 hour 17 mins

  • Materials

    digital video

  • Rights Credit

    © Paul Atherton, Q&D Productions

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    permanent collection


    Paul Atherton, Q&D Productions


    Atherton, Paul


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