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    Neolithic; 2900-2100 BC

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    In Store

  • This Neolithic banded mace-head is possibly of a proto-cushion type dating c. 2900 - 2100 BC. The stone is a tertiary metamorphic rock and its origin could be Orkney or Norway as a result of ice drive erratics. The mace-head is rectangular in plan with rounded ends and oval in cross-section. There is an hourglass perforation located approximately one third along its length. The carving of the mace-head has been worked so the natural banding of the stone forms transverse stripes. The object is undamaged and a small imperfection at one end appears to represent an original minor flaw on the surface of the original nodule.

  • Measurements

    L 147.6 mm; W 58.1 mm; T 36.5 mm; DM (perforation max) 20.7 mm; WT 587.8 g, L 148 mm; W 57 mm; D 38 mm; DM 23 (perforation, max) (overall)

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    River Thames (found)


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