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    c. 1760

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    On Display: Museum of London: Expanding City

  • The Blackett family owed their fortune to coal and lead mining interests in Northumberland and County Durham. This dolls' house was originally owned by Lady Anne Blackett, wife of Sir Edward the 4th Baronet. Edward may have given his wife this dolls' house as a gift to celebrate the birth of their son William and daughter Mary in 1758. The couple were married in 1751 and lived at Matfen Hall, Anne's family home in Northumberland. They had two other children, twins also named Edward and Anne, who were born in 1752. The Blacketts were a landowning provincial gentry family, but also had links with London through Edward's involvement in commerce and politics. Edward served as MP for Northumberland between 1768 and 1774. The family frequently travelled south to their second home in Thorpe Lea, Surrey.  < ...Read more

  • Measurements

    H 1529 mm; W 1242 mm; D 702 mm

  • Materials

    wood; silk; metal; glass

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