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    On Display: Museum of London: War, Plague and Fire: The Great Fire of London 1666

  • These burnt pieces of pottery were found by archaeologists in Pudding Lane. The archaeologists discovered the remains of a shop that had burnt down in the Great Fire of London in 1666. The shop was very close to the bakery on Pudding Lane where the Great Fire started. The cellar of the shop was full of burnt objects, including bricks, tiles, pottery, iron hooks and window glass. Some of the pieces of pottery had melted, which shows that the temperature of the fire got up to 1250 degrees Celsius!

  • Measurements

    L 185 mm; W 110 mm; T 75 mm (max)

  • Materials

    ceramic; earthenware

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    archaeological archive


    digital image copyright Museum of London

  • Related Event

    Great Fire of London 1666 (used)

  • Related place

    City of London (found)


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