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    Hargrave, John

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    In Store

  • The book 'OM KA', written by John Hargrave on his marriage to Ruth Clark in 1919. The first 8 folios carry hand-written lettering and esoteric designs by Hargrave, including a large and striking spread of a skeleton making fire. The frontispiece is inscribed 'OM KA / THE BOOK OF THE / CLAN TRADITIONS / OF THE / "WHITE FOX" TOTEMIC / BLOOD LINE / WRTTEN DOWN BY / JOHN GORDON HARGRAVE / "WHITE FOX" / HEAD MAN AND / FIRST OF THE / KINDRED/ NOVEMBER THE TWENTY-EIGHTH/ NINETEEN HUNDRED AND NINETEEN YEARS / ANNO DOMINI. Although using the word 'Kindred', Hargrave here means the Hargrave family rather than the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, which in 1919 was not yet formed. 28 November 1919 was the date of his marriage to Ruth Clark.  < ...Read more

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    L 332 mm W 228 mm H 45 mm (closed) W 410 mm (open)

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    paper; card; metal

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    © The Kibbo Kift Foundation

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