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    On Display: Museum of London: Empire: London's Manufactures

  • These woman's lace-up ankle boots are made from nankeen, a yellowish type of cotton fabric orginally made in China, trimmed with a bow and bindings of silk ribbon. The boots' history states that they were made by Miss Frances Burrow, sister of engravers John and Thomas Burrow. This may mean she constructed the whole boot, or refer only to attaching the straight leather sole. The quality of work is as good as that of professional shoemakers at the time. The substantial sole is practical for walking: traces of horse droppings still remaining on the sole show that Miss Burrows certainly wore them in the street.

  • Measurements

    L 207 mm; H 220 mm; W 45 mm (heel)

  • Materials

    cotton; linen; leather; metal; silk

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