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    On Display: Museum of London: Expanding City

  • Mary Seacole was born Mary Jane Grant in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1805. She was the daughter of an army officer from Scotland and a Creole woman who ran a hotel called Blundell Hall. Her mother's hotel was popular with officers and it was there that Mary's lifelong relationship with the British Army began. Mary learned traditional African medicine from her mother. An adventurous young woman, Mary travelled to the Bahamas, Cuba and Haiti in her twenties and is also known to have visited London on several occasions. Mary married Edwin Seacole, possibly Lord Nelson's godson, in 1836. After Blundell Hall burnt down in 1843 and Edwin's death the following year, Mary travelled to Cruces in the Republic of New Granada (Panama) where she ran a hotel and nursed victims of a cholera epidemic.  < ...Read more

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    H 170 mm; W 109 mm; D 18 mm (closed)

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    paper; card

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    permanent collection


    digital image copyright Museum of London

  • Related Event

    Crimean War 1853-1856 (referenced)

  • Related Person

    Nelson, Viscount (referenced)


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