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About this object

  • Maker:

    King, Jonathan

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  • Location:

    In Store

  • Comic valentine's card printed as a woodcut on cheap paper with a caricature of a widow standing near a sign that reads, 'To Let.' The print is crudely coloured and below is printed a verse 'My Buxom Widow, in thine eyes one reads, "Well, how d'ye think I look, gents, in my weeds;" I answer, willing, so no longer fret, I'll be thy purchaser, since thou'rt to let; Therefore, dear widow, let it hence be known, If thou'rt to let, 'tis to be let alone; Though some, through fear, to wed may not incline, I'll boldly run the risk, if thou'lt be mine.' One of a collection of sample comic valentines bound in a single volume, stored within a wooden case. On the spine of the case is a label 'Comic'.

  • Measurements

    H 229 mm; W 166 mm

  • Materials

    paper; ink

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    permanent collection


    digital image copyright Museum of London

  • Related Group

    Valentines Cards


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