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  • This notice, issued by the London Fire Engine Establishment, lists all London fire stations at which there is constant 'attendance day and night'. The notice lists 17 stations in key locations throughout central London, the City and east and south London as well as 'floating' stations on the river. Four of these stations are noted as having extra engines available. The notice also lists the 16 fire insurance companies who founded the London Fire Engine Establishment. The creation of the Establishment helped to improve fire-fighting in London. James Braidwood, superintendent of the new service, was responsible for setting up the fire stations listed and introducing better fire-fighting techniques.

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    H 282 mm; W 223 mm (without mount)

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    paper; ink

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    permanent collection


    digital image copyright Museum of London

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    Braidwood, James

  • Related place

    City of Westminster (referenced)


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