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  • Production date:

    c. 1780

  • Location:

    On Display: Museum of London: Expanding City

  • Newgate Prison was located on Newgate Street in the City of London. The original prison was destroyed by the Great Fire of London and rebuilt in 1672. The prison was under reconstruction when it was set ablaze by the mob during the Gordon Riots of June 1780. Lord George Gordon, the instigator of the Riots, was himself imprisoned in Newgate afterwards. Prisoners ranged from debtors to felons. Newgate was notorious for the overcrowded and unhealthy conditions in which they were incarcerated.  < ...Read more

  • Measurements

    H 2170 mm; W 1090 mm; D 220 mm (door), H 850 mm; W 1400 mm; D 140 mm (top bars)

  • Materials

    iron; wood

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    permanent collection


    digital image copyright Museum of London

  • Related Event

    Cato Street Conspiracy 1820 (referenced)

  • Related Person

    Dance, George (referenced)

  • Related place

    City of London (used)


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