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    1823 - 1825

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    On Display: Museum of London Docklands: City and River

  • This manuscript log of the South Seas Whaler 'Mary' covers the period 1823-1825. The London South Sea Whaler the 'Mary' was owned by John Lydekker and commanded by Edward Reed Lacy. This journal records details of the Ship's course, the weather and other events and is photographed open at pages covering the days 12 and 13 July 1824. Whales kills are indicated by black tails and also include the initials of the 'harpooner'. An illustration of a smiling sperm whale in the log indicates a lost catch. The Mary had an eventful voyage whaling in the South Atlantic and the Pacific. Three crewmen were lost when a whaleboat was destroyed in a storm. The crew suffered from scurvy and a number absconded. The log ends with the wrecking of the Mary on Jervis's Island on the 20 January 1825. After six weeks the crew were rescued by two other whaling ships owned by Daniel Bennett.  < ...Read more

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    H 315 mm; L 420 mm (measured open)

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