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    Broom, Christina

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    In Store

  • Suffragettes in Indian national dress at the International Suffrage Fair, November 1912. This image was one in a series taken by Christina Broom depicting participants and organisers of the Fair and shows the women posing outside the main entrance of Chelsea Town Hall. The Fair, organised by the Women's Freedom League was intended to raise vital funds for the campaign and inform visitors about the progress of female suffrage throughout the world. Suffragettes dressed in national costume manned stalls selling goods representing different nations. The stalls were arranged according to whether they gave women the vote, each was decorated with their national flag whilst a figure of Liberty adorned those that had already granted the franchise to women. The Fair took place at Chelsea Town Hall in the Kings Road between 13th and 16th November 1912 and also included a programme of entertainment by the Actresses' Franchise League and demonstrations of national dance choreographed by Ruby Ginner. A speech on female suffrage in India was given by Mrs. Ramdulari Dube.  < ...Read more

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    digital image copyright Museum of London

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    Kensington and Chelsea (depicted)


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