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    On Display: Museum of London: Medieval London: Early Medieval Religion: Saints and Pilgrimage

  • This is an impression from the Common Seal of the City of London, which would have been used to authenticate documents made by the City of London authorities. This is an impression of the obverse side of the seal, depicting St Paul holding a sword with the London skyline beneath him. He also holds a banner bearing three lions representing England. The City skyline includes the City walls, a portion of the river, towers and church spires. Around the edge of the seal is the legend: 'SIGILLVM: BARONVM: LONDONIARVM' (meaning 'seal of the barons of London'). The original seal may date to around 1219 - see 'Age of Chivalry. Art in Plantagenet England 1200–1400', Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition Catalogue, ed. J. Alexander and P. Binski (London, 1987), pg. 273, no. 193.

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    DM 71 mm; D 12 mm

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