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  • Production date:

    Late Medieval; late 14th century

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    In Store

  • The buckler was a small shield. The user held it in one hand, with a sword in the other. They could ward off blows with it and use its heavy iron boss to punch opponents. It was used by lightly armed foot soldiers in battle (English archers at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415 carried bucklers) but also in the combat sport of 'sword and buckler' fencing. Bucklers were common in the early 1300s and still in use in the late 1500s. This one, from the late 1300s, is one of the earliest surviving examples.

  • Measurements

    DM 260 mm; D 133 mm (overall), WT 2500 g (overall)

  • Materials

    iron; wood

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    archaeological archive


    digital image copyright Museum of London

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    City of London


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