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  • Production date:

    Late Medieval; late 14th century

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    In Store

  • Left foot adult shoe with a pointed toe. The upper is one-piece with the exception of an insert tongue, which is still in situ. The heel stiffener is also still in situ. The upper has a side seam on the instep. Part of the fastening strap survives still slotted through a hole on one side of the upper. There are traces of an iron buckle (the buckle is missing) on the other side, with a thong loop below it. The sole is one-piece.

  • Measurements

    L 250 mm; W (tread with shoe) 80 mm; W (tread sole) 65 mm; W (waist) 33 mm; W (seat) 53 mm; H (c.) 55 mm

  • Materials

    leather; iron

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    permanent collection


    digital image copyright Museum of London

  • Related Group

    Medieval leather shoes


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