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    Women's Social and Political Union

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    In Store

  • Election propoganda poster issued by the Women's Social and Political Union denouncing the Government's treatment of suffragette prisoners. Headed the 'modern inquisition', treatment of political prisoners under a liberal government'; the graphic represents the brutal force-feeding of suffragette prisoners. The poster, issued during the General Election of January-February 1910, urges electors to vote against the Liberal Government. This image was first drawn as a black and white cartoon by A Patriot (Alfred Pearse) for publication on the front page of Votes for Women on 28th January 1910. The publication of this poster, lithographed in green, black, white and brown was first announced in Votes for Women on February 11th 1910 and was intended to 'bring home to the public the terrible ordeal through which nearly 40 women have gone in the cause of political freedom.' The poster was available in two sizes, suitable for hoardings or windows and could be purchased via mail order or in person from The Woman's Press. This example was one of the smaller window versions.

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    H 722 mm; L 460 mm

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