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    Medieval; late 13th century

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    On Display: Museum of London: Medieval London: Late Medieval Religion: Worship

  • Pilgrim badge from the shrine of the Virgin of the Carmelite Friars, Toulouse in France. This badge is in the form of a seal-like quadrilobe. There are four stitching loops on the edge of the badge where the lobes meet – these would have been used to sew the badge onto its owner’s clothes. The Virgin Mary is depicted in the centre, sitting on a throne and wearing a crown. She holds a fleur-de-lys sceptre in her right hand and the infant Jesus Christ sits on her left knee. Christ is shown raising his right hand in blessing. There is a kneeling pilgrim on left, with a Devil flying out of her mouth, which shows that she has been miraculously cured of insanity (a reference to a miracle that took place at the shrine in 1265). On the right side is a male pilgrim who is standing, having left his hand-crutches on the ground, showing his miraculous recovery from paralysis. At the bottom of the badge is the figure of a kneeling Carmelite friar wearing a habit and a pointed hood. His hands are joined in prayer. Around the edge of the badge is an inscription: ‘+S[IGNVM]:BEATE:MARIE:DE:MONTE:CARMELI:THOL[OS]E’ (meaning ‘Sign of the blessed Mary of Mount Carmel of Toulouse’).  < ...Read more

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    H 52 mm; W 42 mm

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    Medieval pilgrim souvenirs


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