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    Roman; 43-200

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    In Store

  • A glass jar used as cremation urn. Colour: natural green. Very good quality glass, with hardly any bubbles or impurities. Unweathered. Parts present: complete (rim, body, base). Base badly cracked (large sherd has possibly fallen out and been glued back). Base evenly pushed up into a low dome; scar from a blowing-iron or glass-tipped punty rod over 20 mm across in centre. Flat-topped rim of triple thickness: first turned out; then folded down and under to neck; finally, folded down and out again. Apart from damage to the base, the jar is in perfect condition and of the highest manufacturing quality. Filled approximately 30% full with earth and cremated bone. Isings form 67a.
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    DM (rim) 152 mm; DM (rim internal) 101 mm; DM (body) 210 mm; DM (base) 92 mm; H 207 mm

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