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  • Maker:

    Hussey, Harold

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  • Location:

    In Store

  • Harold Hussey's painting records the appearance of the Barbican site immediately before the construction of the Barbican Estate between 1959 and 1982. The view is from the northeast, near the junction of Aldersgate Street and Beech Street, and the following buildings can be seen in the background, from left to right: Whitbread's Brewery, the Red Cross Street Fire Brigade Station, the church of St. Giles Cripplegate and three London Wall office blocks which have since been demolished. The dome of St. Paul's Cathedral is just visible on the extreme right. A number of people are at work on the site, including a man with a camera and a tripod who is presumably recording the scene.

  • Measurements

    H 823 mm; W 1205 mm; D 45 mm (framed), H 615 mm; W 1010 mm (unframed)

  • Materials

    oil; canvas; wood

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    permanent collection


    Charles Hussey

  • Related Event

    World War II (depicted)

  • Related place

    City of London (depicted)


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