Evening dress

This skirt is part of a dress that is included in Janet Arnold's 'Patterns of Fashion: Englishwomen's dresses and their construction c. 1860-1940' (pages 58-59). Arnold describes it as 'an evening dress in black silk net covered with tiny 1/8" silver sequins over an ivory satin underskirt.'

  • Maker:
    Madame Hayward
  • Production Date:
    c. 1909-1910
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  • Location:
    In Store
Further Information
  • Number of items: 1
  • Measurements: L 1430 mm (centre front, neck to hem); L 1220 mm (centre front, waist to hem from centre of sash); L 960 mm (centre front, overskirt, waist to hem); L 100 mm (centre back, bodice, to sash); L 1520 mm (centre back, including train, from centre of sash); L 1050 mm (centre back, overskirt); L 350 mm (train); L 210 mm (sleeve, from shoulder); L 1080 mm (sash); W 80 mm (sash, centre front); W 50 mm (sash, back); W 900 mm (centre front, bottom of skirt); W 920 mm (bottom of train)
  • Materials: silk; metal;cotton; whalebone?
  • Status: permanent collection
  • Copyright Holder: digital image copyright Museum of London
  • Last Updated: 2016-04-19
  • Related Group:
    Janet Arnold's 'Patterns of Fashion'
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