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Phonograph Cylinder

The handwritten description on this wax cylinder's box reads "Minstrel Boy / Sung by Leslie Wall / Nov 15/1904 / Key C". Leslie Wall was the second son of Cromwell Wall (1866-1937) who made this recording. Cromwell is standing on the right of the attached photograph. Leslie is standing sixth from the right. Leslie was seven and half when this recording was made.

Beside Cromwell stands his wife Minnie, and beside her (from right to left) Gladys, Hilda, Oliver, Leslie, Hampden, Doris, Howard, Muriel and Phyllis.

The song 'Minstrel Boy' was written by Thomas Moore (1779-1852). It was very popular at the time Cromwell made this recording, and remains so today.

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Further Information

  • Number of items: 2
  • Measurements: H 110 mm; DM 129 mm (cylinder); H 120 mm; DM 155 mm (box)
  • Materials: wax (cylinder); card; paper (box)
  • Status: permanent collection
  • Copyright Holder: Museum of London
  • Last Updated: 2013-02-18

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