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Portrait of Sir Rowland Hill

Rowland Hill ( 1495- 1561) was the first Protestant Lord Mayor of London. Upon arrival in London as a young man, he became the apprentice of a London mercer and became a distinguished merchant and politician, Hill was particularly renowned for his charitable giving and interest in education. He held the post of surveyor-general of the London hospitals from 1559 until his death and bequeathed a dole of 12 pence to every house in the City. He was elected an alderman in 1542 and became Sheriff in the same year.

In this half-length portrait Hill is shown facing the viewer, dressed in a rich black overcoat trimmed with brown fur. He has the mayoral chain around his neck and a prominent ring on his forefinger. A coat of arms can be seen on the top right, set against the green background.

  • Production Date:
    Tudor; 1540-1560
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    On Display: Museum of London: Medieval London: City Government: Hil Portrait

Further Information

  • Number of items: 1
  • Measurements: H 637.5 mm; W 456 mm (unframed)
  • Materials: oil; wood
  • Status: permanent collection
  • Copyright Holder: digital image copyright Museum of London
  • Last Updated: 2013-10-17

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